The Gifts of Darkness


This is a story about anxiety and gentleness;
about the cages that are built out of fear and then become part of the self;
about the small things that create the deepest bonds;
about dark places, arcane symbols, and havens bathed in morning light;
about what it means to be a demon, what it means to contain darkness;
and about unrestrained love and joy, not in spite but because of that darkness;
so, if you are willing to accept them, I offer you:
the gifts of darkness.

“It doesn't surprise me... Consider what Darkness is. It is the energy of the unknown and of the unknowable. It is descending energy in the most intense form; the purest concept of falling. It is slow, deep, and powerful. It links fear and curiosity. It is that which is needed and denied and often cannot be grasped”.

The plot so far

Most people don't become apprentice sorcerers at 23 years old, but that's the path Adrien finds himself taking, even if he doesn't quite know what he's doing. He sets out to meet his new mentor, the sorcerer Valerion, who becomes his guide in magic and in life. Together, they begin to understand and accept who they are, and they learn to embrace the darkness that makes both true honesty and true love possible.

Update schedule

The Gifts of Darkness updates in chunks with no fixed schedule.

In the past, I've worked on projects which successfully updated on a schedule - I've posted one daily illustration on Italian For My Girlfriend for more than three years, that's over a thousand illustrations! - but, as I learned, when I work like this I tend to fall into the pattern of wanting to maintain the streak at all costs, which can result in art that is not up to my personal standards. With The Gifts of Darkness, I want to make sure that each page is the best I could have made, regardless of how long it takes me. So, updates come whenever I'm ready to post them. Generally, though, you can expect an update every two weeks or so, with about one month between chapters.

An important note

The Gifts of Darkness is meant for an adult audience, and as such it can and will contain depictions of nudity and sex. Read at your own discretion!

About the author

Hello! My name is Rosangela Ludovico. I was born in Castellaneta, Italy, on March 5, 1990, and I currently live in northern California with my wife Denise.

I guess that the most important thing about me is that I like to make lots of different things. For example, Italian For My Girlfriend is an illustrated vocabulary of Italian words, and Cathemerals is a book of visual poetry. It's because I like lots of different things, so I can't restrain myself from celebrating all of them. The Gifts of Darkness, in itself, has a lot of that - it's about all that's dear to me. It's not the story that I thought I'd be writing, but, now that I'm writing it, I understand that it is the story that I needed to write. I hope it brings as much happiness for others to read it as I get from writing it.

Thank you for reading. For more of my work, see my portfolio or follow my artblog. And if you’d like quick updates on what I'm working on and upcoming things, feel free to follow my twitter.

Contact me

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