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Posted on September 9th 2017.

Mailing List

The Gifts of Darkness now has an update mailing list! I know that not every reader is on Tumblr all the time, so signing up for the mailing list means that you’ll be notified of each update via email. Essentially, what it does is that it delivers the update posts from here directly to your inbox.

You can find the form to sign up at the bottom of the comic site.

Patreon supporters: I have been crossposting the update posts over at the Patreon account, but, now that there is the mailing list, I am no longer going to post the updates at the Patreon - this is to avoid duplicate emails if, in the future, someone signs up for email updates and then joins the Patreon. So, if you’d like to continue receiving the comic updates through email as Patreon was already doing for you, I recommend you join the mailing list. Thank you!

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