The Gifts of Darkness


At 23 years old, Adrien is quite late to become a sorcerer's apprentice - but that's where his life has led him, and he intends to try his best. He travels far from home and to an isolated tower in the wilderness to meet his new mentor, the sorcerer Valerion.

The two strike an important connection: Valerion guides Adrien's chaotic personality with seemingly infinite kindness, and Adrien brings companionship and a long-forgotten joy to Valerion's lonely life. As their lives entwine, they begin to understand and accept who they are, and they learn to embrace the darkness that makes both true honesty and true love possible.

An important note

The Gifts of Darkness is meant for an adult audience, and as such it can and will contain depictions of nudity and sex. Read at your own discretion!

Update schedule

The Gifts of Darkness updates in chunks with no fixed schedule.

In the past, I've worked on projects which successfully updated on a schedule - I've posted one daily illustration on Italian For My Girlfriend for more than three years, that's over a thousand illustrations! - but I've thought about it more, and I no longer agree with posting art on a schedule. So, The Gifts of Darkness updates whenever I'm ready to update, with 3-10 pages per chunk. Generally, though, you can expect one or two updates each month, with about one month between chapters.

About the author

My name is Rosangela Ludovico. I'm from southern Italy, being born in Castellaneta on March 5, 1990. I currently live in northern California with my wife Denise.

I make lots of different things with my art, but I like to say that it's all about happiness and darkness and the relationship between the two. This comic is a perfect example of what I mean. I make art primarily for myself, but I hope it reaches whoever needs to see it.

For my other projects, social media accounts, and email, see my link list. Thank you for reading.