The Gifts of Darkness
The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 13 - Page 29 jump chapter
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Posted on May 21st 2021.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 13 - Page 29

It only took them four in-universe months and four of my years, but they! Finally! HUGGED! The catharsis!!

I can happily leave you with this in the between-chapters pause. But before I leave again, I want to talk to you about some things:

1. Interested in another project that features some of my comic and illustration work? Check out The Sanctuary of Santa Faustina! I'm happy to report the kickstarter reached funding just yesterday, but there are still the stretch goals and whatnot. Not to mention that one of the add-ons you can choose when you back this project is a commission from yours truly.

2. Even outside of this kickstarter, my general commissions are open. Oh, and this is a change I've already done to the comic site a while ago - if you want to access all of my stuff quickly, see my links page - the lifesaver that lets me update one single spot on the internet instead of every single account one by one.

3. Did you see the conventions section on this site is back?! I still have spots that rolled over back from 2019 when I applied, so... I'm doing tables again. Apparently. But does our trepid heroine even remember how to talk to other human beings in person?! (She doesn't).

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