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The Gifts of Darkness
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He rolled the paper, then picked up the wax and stamp that would seal it - in mirror writing, he could read that the stamp would impress the words "Sample - For training purposes only". Adrien reached for the box of matches and struck one; he lit the wick on one end of the stick, let a few drops of wax drip onto the paper, then pressed the stamp down - its wooden handle wiggled a little under the pressure of his fingers. The seal that held the magic within the scroll was now in place, and the spell's glow had dimmed down to a weak pulse. Adrien leaned back into his armchair and breathed out.

"Let's test it", Val said. "Could I have the scroll, please?".

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Posted on August 4th 2022.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 17 - Page 13

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