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The Gifts of Darkness
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"...Oh -- I just remembered -- and what happened to the Clarifying Shampoo?".

"Ah, that", Val said - with a little chuckle to the back of his voice. He magicked the bottle and made it float towards Adrien. It had already been bottled and rated by the potion tester, as the label tied to the neck of the bottle read:

Clarifying Shampoo

Effectiveness: Insignificant
Duration: 5 hours

"I don't think the clouds ever broke tonight", Val commented. "Sitting under a cloudy sky is hardly suitable for decanting the Clarifying Shampoo".

Adrien chuckled. "...Does it even work at all?".

"Well, I imagine its effects will be so faint that you might not even... It may still manage to wash your hair, though", Val added with a smile. "Feel free to try it one day, but don't expect it to give you a great revelation... or tangle-free hair, for that matter".

Adrien giggled again as he re-read the label. "Insignificant. Here it says I'm insignificant!".

"Not you... the potion", Val corrected him with a pert smile. "Don't worry about it. We'll try again another time".

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Posted on September 9th 2022.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 17 - Page 24

Item Crafted: Maybe Soap

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