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The Gifts of Darkness
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Val and Adrien followed Hala and Katia to their home on the second floor of a nearby building. The living room they were now in was small, but comfortable; the walls were covered with photos of their family and pictures drawn by children. Each took a seat at the round table by the window, where Hala had Katia cut the lemon pie for everyone.

Hala filled each plate with a slice of pie, which she offered to Val, Adrien, and Katia. "Thank you", Val said upon receiving his slice. He cut a small piece with the side of his fork, then tried it - with Adrien doing the same. "It's very flavorful", Val smiled. "Thank you again for inviting us".

"It's no problem at all", Hala said. "And, oh, but we haven't introduced each other yet", she then said, looking at Adrien. "Katia told me that you're the sorcerer's apprentice, and your name is...".

"Adrien", he nodded.

"Pleased to meet you", Hala smiled. "How long have you been here, now?".

"Six months", Adrien said. "But this is the first time I've been in town since I've arrived -- I've been busy studying".

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Posted on February 14th 2023.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 18 - Page 25

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