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The Gifts of Darkness
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Adrien lowered his head, in thought. Val had been living at the tower long enough that he had seen Falderdeen change and people age around him. "...I wonder how that is like", he mused. "...To never grow old, while everyone else around you does".

Val drew in a deep breath. "It's how it is", he whispered. He drew a Darkness circle with the fingers of one hand and pushed the spell outward so to create a bubble of silence around them. "And one day, I'll eventually outlast a human lifetime. I know that, when that time comes, no matter what are my wishes, I will have to leave. I'll have to go somewhere else, pretend to be someone else, and hide behind a different name".

Adrien's eyes widened. "You... you will have to do that?...".

"So it seems", Val replied, his head lowered. "This is what we must do to continue living among humans".

Adrien felt a knot tighten in his throat. "I... I had no idea...".

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Posted on March 1st 2023.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 18 - Page 32

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