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The Gifts of Darkness
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"Ah... I buy some supplies through the mail, and some others... elsewhere", Val said, lowering his voice. "When I am... called elsewhere, sometimes I run some errands before returning to my room".

"Oh", Adrien said, his eyes wide. "You... you can do that?".

"It can be part of the contract that the... the door has to be left open for a little longer", Val said, speaking quickly. "But -- let us talk about this another time, I -- I'm sure nobody can hear us, but --".

"Yes, I -- I understand", Adrien said, his tone urgent. "Sorry".

There was a long, awkward silence that Adrien felt the need to break.

"Do you have a shopping list?".

"I have taken note of a few things that I would like to buy", Val said. "For the most part, however, we'll see when we're there".

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Posted on November 10th 2022.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 18 - Page 6

So much awkwardness...

Also: today, November 10, marks 6 years that I’ve been making this comic! How nice to be able to bring a new chapter on this day.

There is also a special anniversary artwork! I put it between chapters so that it's not in the way of reading, but go check it out!

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