The Gifts of Darkness
The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 7 - Page 42 jump chapter
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Posted on April 24th 2019.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 7 - Page 42

And this concludes Chapter 7... and is also the end of what will be Volume 2!
Thank you for reading this far. This chapter featured several huge things for the plot and was overall the one that required the most work out of me so far. When four years ago I wrote the draft for this part, I saw getting to this point as a kind of a milestone, and here I am now.

New readers: letting you know that, between chapters, I'll be posting some comic-related illustrations and stuff. If you're using the mailing list to receive comic updates, note that I won't be sending emails about these extras since they are an aside to the comic proper, so just come by every once in a while if you'd like to see them.

See you soon with Chapter 8!

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