The Gifts of Darkness
The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 8 - Page 20
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Posted on June 24th 2019.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 8 - Page 20

Is it evident that this comic is written by someone who does code?

And with this we are at the end of a scene, so it's a good place to leave the comic on pause for the summer. I'll be on vacation for July and August - going to visit family and friends all over the world, finally returning to Italy, and having a five-year-delayed honeymoon - so there won't be any new pages until September. If you need me, I'll still be around to reply to comments, email, and whatnot, ...but be aware that I might take some time to answer. Maybe I'll show you some photos at my Twitter. One of the places I'm planning to (re)visit is Castel del Monte, which is one of the major inspirations for the design of Val's tower!

Have a good summer!

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