The Gifts of Darkness
The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 9 - Page 29 jump chapter
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Posted on March 15th 2020.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 9 - Page 29

That's all for Chapter 9!

As for what concerns a little preview of the next... my wife Denise thought that if we ever wanted someone to review The Gifts of Darkness, it wouldn't be fair to show this story until at least Chapter 10 is out. It's a small chapter revolving around a cute scene in which some important questions start reaching the foreground of the plot.

I also have two announcements. One is sad: Sac-Con, which would have been this upcoming weekend, has been postponed to June. With all this situation, I can't tell for sure if any of the things I had lined up are happening still, or when, or how.

The second announcement is that, in light of all of this, preorders for Volume 2 are still open, and I suppose at this point they can be open for longer than I originally intended. In these tough times, it might be worth mentioning that preordering the book and/or getting whatever from my store are good ways to support me and this project, and that I have both a Ko-fi and a Patreon.

If you're looking to waste some time and are interested to see what else I make beyond this comic, there's my tumblr artblog with 10 whole years of artwork in there, my twitter for also artwork, general updates, and my occasional yell into the void... and, if you want to read stuff until your eyes fall out, try Staircase Spirit, which I write together with Denise.

But most of all, I hope everyone is well. See you later with more comic.

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