The Gifts of Darkness
Fanart by ritabuukFanart by ritabuuk
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Posted on February 13th 2017.

Denise wrote:

Congratulations on your… um…

Okay, now that the end of Chapter 2 of The Gifts of Darkness is out, I can share the first ever fanart I made of Adrien and Val (it would have taken way too many paragraphs to explain before).

I drew this when I was feeling particularly rusty at drawing people, and based solely on reading the novel-version draft of the first few chapters and seeing some very early official art (yes, Rosy, your art is official art), so please excuse some of the off-model-ness, heh.

I did not originally intend the two drawings to be related in any way, but it is funnier to consider them as such. :P

Completed: August 29, 2015

Rosy wrote:

I still laugh so much looking at Adrien here. I keep saying that it looks like the cover of a children’s book that should not exist. “Let’s Not Learn How To Draw With Adrien, Please, For Fuck’s Sake Let’s Just Not”

Her fanart then prompted me to draw fanart of her fanart.
This picture is dated September 3, 2015:

Bad circles

We are adults.

I want to add that, as you will see in future chapters, all of this is actually 100% in character.