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The Gifts of Darkness
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Adrien smiled and chuckled in reply, scratching one cheek with the side of one finger. "Thank you", he said.

Val rejoined Adrien at his side. "Continue like this", he said. "Do you have any questions?".

"Questions?", Adrien repeated. "...Well, it's not really a question, but -- I think the stamp's handle is a bit wiggly".

Val picked up the stamp and turned it in his hands. "Yes, I'd noticed", he said. "I don't think the Council spent much on these", he then added under his breath. He set the stamp back on the table, then went to rummage in one of the cabinets under the bookshelves. He returned to the table with another stamp. "You can use mine, if you'd rather". He passed it to Adrien: this one had a lacquered red handle that ended in an ornate golden ferrule. The seal bore a large V overlaid onto a rose, and an inscription underneath that mirrored to "Master Sorcerer Valerion".

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Posted on September 9th 2022.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 17 - Page 15

As a high-ranking member of the Council of Magic, Val never misses a chance to talk trash about the organization.

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