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The Gifts of Darkness
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"Are you... are you sure I can use this?", Adrien asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Of course", Val nodded. "We're only practicing, and all of these seals are going to be broken immediately".

"No, no", Adrien gasped, "I meant -- is it okay for me to use your -- I mean, it's yours, and -- what if I ruin it --".

Val laughed. "I've had it since I took the Master rank. You're not going to break it today. Especially since it's enchanted to be unbreakable anyway".

"I -- I guess", Adrien caved in. "Just -- only if you're really sure".

"I am", Val smiled. He went back to sit at his armchair at the opposite side of the table from Adrien. "You can continue practicing with the scrolls", he said. "Stack each finished one to the side, and we'll review them all at the same time later". He opened his journal again and leafed through it; he then placed it on the table and began writing something in it - the pulse of his fingers changed a little every time he added new words. Adrien resumed working on his scrolls; he drew two more Fire circles, then prepared himself to seal them. He picked up Val's stamp again.

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Posted on September 9th 2022.

The Gifts of Darkness - Chapter 17 - Page 16

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